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About Amco Poker Rake Back
AMCO poker is one of the smallest poker rooms on the web. The room is part of the digital gaming network, which entered into the online gaming industry in late 2006, which explains its current low player volume. The majority of the small player volume that AMCO poker hosts can be found on the Texas Hold’em cash tables and tournaments. The room offers a few high stakes tables, but you will rarely find much action at these limits, as most of the active real money players will be found at the small/medium stakes. The lack of players may indicate that the room is an untapped resource for the experienced players to play against some very weak opponents.

The software is quite basic and looks similar to an old piece of Microsoft software. The table graphics are quite poor and there is no option of being able to display an avatar. The background of the table is a little dark and dingy and the card graphics appear to be fuzzy on first impression. On the plus side there are no bugs within the software and the games run very smoothly. There are very few features at hand, but the standard features of a four-color deck and the chat box are available.

AMCO poker is a solid new room that should grow to become a much larger and popular room in the future. It currently does not offer much to the new or veteran online players, although it may be worth keeping an eye on for the soft players that it could attract.