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Full Tilt Poker rakeback payments are now weekly
Due to popular demand Rakeback.org Full Tilt Poker rakeback payments will now be made on a weekly basis instead of once per month and as always directly to your Full Tilt Poker player account.

Payments will be made each Friday, for the previous Tuesday through Monday. To clarify, each Friday you will be paid for 7 days starting from Tuesday on the previous week through the Monday on the actual week you are getting paid on.

Now on Friday the 6th of November you will be paid your rakeback for Sunday the 1st of November and Monday the 2nd. The other 5 days are included in the October payment, which is the last monthly payment which will be made and which should be in your account in the next few days.

Next week on Friday the 13th (oh scary!) of November you will get your first full weekly rakeback payments, for Tuesday the 3rd of November through to Monday the 9th.

Obviously this is great news since it means less waiting for your rakeback plus that if you do go bust the rakeback is never far away to help refill your bankroll. (November 2008)