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Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker merger related issues
As you may or may not be aware Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker recently merged together to create one network called Cereus, sharing the same tables and players.

While this obviously is great news for those of you who have rakeback through us at any of those two poker rooms there is some technical work left on the merger.

This means that at the current moment none of our players are getting rakeback updates on Rakeback.org for December, and some players may not yet see their correct numbers for November.

Cereus still has your correct stats, and we have access to them as well manually, but the system on Cereus side which allows us to automatically update that information to show you, our members in your Rakeback.org accounts is temporarily down.

We have however been assured that it will be sorted in the next few days and this obviously has no effect at all on any rakeback you haven't been paid yet nor on any new rakeback you are generating during these days.

Those of you who were forced to change your Ultimate Bet player ID because of the merger and who haven't yet changed it yourself in your Rakeback.org account, we willl be doing that for you tomorrow. (December 2008)