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The rakeback calculator estimates what your rakeback might be. Possible poker room fees are not deducted.


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Bwin Poker Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
There is no rakeback on the OnGame network, but you can register via Loyalty.net for their equivalent which is a generous loyalty program.

About Bwin Poker Rake Back
Located on the OnGame network, Bwin Poker features tremendous cash game and tournament traffic, gigantic online poker promotions, and a rewarding Bwin Poker VIP program. The Bwin Poker download is available for both Windows and Mac, and provides a secure and stable online gaming environment.

Cash game action can be found round-the-clock, especially in the most popular poker forms of No Limit Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. The level of competition can vary greatly, but the softest players can generally be found in the lower limits. The Bwin software is highly conducive to multi-tabling, which can allow players to expedite their climb to the top tiers of the Bwin VIP rewards system.

Bwin carries an extensive tournament schedule that offers millions of dollars in guaranteed prizes each month. Players interesting in attending live poker tournaments will find plenty of promotional tournaments with prize packages to major live poker events all over the world.

Players may contact Bwin Poker customer support via telephone or fax. Deposits can be made into your Bwin Poker account via credit card, bank transfer or prepaid card.