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Club on the Park Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
There is no rakeback on the iPoker/Playtech network, but you can register via Loyalty.net for their equivalent which is a generous loyalty program.

About Club on the Park Rake Back
Club On The Park is the new name for The Ritz Club online. The room is a new member of the iPoker network and already has a strong player base. The room offers all of the standard online games, which include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and numerous Tournaments throughout the day. The competition is stronger at some of the lower limits, but it loosens up as you move up into the middle limits. However, the tournaments are soft from the low limits right up into some of the highest limits.

The software runs very smoothly and is quick to load. The table appears a little bland, as Club On The Park has chosen not to display avatars in the seats. However this can be beneficial to those who find character avatars too distracting whilst playing poker online. The lobby is easy to use and displays key information on the tables before you sit down. The software overall is of a very high standard and is feature intensive, allowing you to control numerous aspects of the software to improve your online poker experience.

The site is committed to providing a quality customer service in which they respond to queries 24/7. The response time is fast and accurately addresses any questions you have about their poker room. The room also offers a number of payment options to help with depositing and withdrawing money from the site.