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The rakeback calculator estimates what your rakeback might be. Possible poker room fees are not deducted.


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Why delete cookies?
If you have ever visited a particular poker room before it is possible that a cookie is saved on your computer which is already tracking you to someone other than us. It is then possible that even if you use our links you will not get rakeback at that room anyway.

To ensure that doesn't happen you are advised to delete your cookies before clicking our tracking links. Note that after doing so you will need to login again on Rakeback.org as well since your computer will forget that it was logged in.

Internet Explorer
1) Go to "Tools" in the top menu.
2) Choose "Internet Options".
3) Click "Delete Cookies" as well as "Delete Temporary Internet Files".
4) Click "OK".

Mozilla Firefox
1) Go to "Tools" in the top menu.
2) Choose "Options".
3) Click "Privacy".
4) Click "Show Cookies".
5) Click "Remove All Cookies".