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Eurobet Poker Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
There is no rakeback on the OnGame network, but you can register via Loyalty.net for their equivalent which is a generous loyalty program.

About Eurobet Poker Rake Back
Eurobet Poker is part of the popular OnGame network. This network is one of the most rapidly growing in the industry, attracting a large number of players from all areas on a daily basis. The players that the room attracts will usually remain at the room, which helps to explain the high volume of people that play at Eurobet everyday.

The blind structure at the OnGame network is unique, as both of the blinds are of the same value. Whereas in most online rooms you would expect to see blinds like $1/$2 in a typical Texas Hold’em game, in games on the OnGame network you will see blinds like $1/$1. This does not deter many people from playing at the room, but it might mean that you will have to adapt your game to maximise the profits you can make from the room. On the other hand, many players may not have adapted their game correctly to compensate for the change in blind structure, which could mean a little extra money in your pocket at the end of the day.

The table layout and lobby is top notch, with involving 3D-like graphics and organisation. The software makes it easy to choose between the numerous games on offer by clicking the header tabs to sort out the tables as you please. There is a chat-box feature in the main lobby for discussion with other connected players, but the chat that can be found in this box is usually obtuse and nonsensical.

The customer service at Eurobet is very good, which is what you should expect from an established sportsbook and poker room. E-mails are responded to promptly and there are numerous ways for players to make deposits and withdrawals to and from the room.