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About Everest Poker Rake Back

Everest Poker is currently one of the world's fastest-growing poker rooms and can be seen in television and news paper ads all over Europe. The room has its peak at around 4,500 real money players; a respectful number and also one of the highest in Europe - especially so for an independent site. It is also significantly different from other poker sites in terms of software, with design features and elements that differ slightly from what we're used to.

It is also the only major room to offer only Texas Hold'em and Omaha, leaving popular game types such as Stud in the dark. On the other hand, we particularly like the high amount of Omaha traffic, which is by no means staggering, but high enough to offer a good amount of action. As far as stakes go, we would recommend this room to any micro, low and medium stake player. Some high stake players stack their chips at the tables too, but we would normally recommend a room like Full Tilt Poker for such action.

This is a mostly European poker room and it attracts mainly players who have poker at heart. In other words, no flimsy casino players who wish to try their luck in other games. The average player is typically well-acquainted with poker, but there's obviously some fish in the sea as well.