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The rakeback calculator estimates what your rakeback might be. Possible poker room fees are not deducted.


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What is rakeback and how can I get it?
When you play poker for real money the poker rooms take a fee which normally is from 3-5% of each pot. This fee is called the "rake" and while the cost may seem small, for someone who plays a lot the rake can amount from hundreds all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars per month.

With rakeback you get a percentage (usually around 25-35%) of these fees returned to you each month. If this sounds like something you'd want then just register for a new Rakeback.org account to get started.

How and when do I get paid my rakeback?
Most of the rakeback deals we offer are automatic which means that you are paid directly into your player account at the poker room. Payments are usually done 1-10 days after a month is finished depending on the program.

If a rakeback deal is not automatic then you can request a payment manually from your Rakeback.org account to NETELLER, Moneybookers or Full Tilt Poker, depending on what you prefer.

Why should I choose and trust you?
Rakeback.org is owned and run by a small but very successful group of people with many years of experience both as rakeback and non-rakeback poker affiliates and as such we have great longterm relationships and personal and regular contact with all of the major online poker rooms.

All in all tens of thousands of players are connected to us and put their trust in us to deliver the best rakeback and bonus deals available as well as to help step in to resolve any problems they may encounter with the poker rooms and deals we work with.

All of our NETELLER and other accounts are of course non-USA based, ensuring that your rakeback payments never risk being frozen in transit for any non-automatic rakeback programs you may sign up for.

Can I get rakeback at a site where I already have an account?
In general it is not possible to do so directly but since most sites are a part of a larger network you might be able to get rakeback on the same tables and with the same players etc. by signing up on another skin.

If you need further assistance with this then feel free to contact us with the site or network you would like rakeback on.

What is the difference between contributed and shared rake calculation?
With the contributed rake calculation method you earn rakeback depending on how much money you actually put into the pots. If for example a pot reaches $25 and you put in $5 of that money then $5 divided by $25, ie 20% of the rake which the room took from that pot "belongs" to you.

With the shared rake calculation method you earn rakeback whenever you are dealt cards in a hand, even if you fold without contributing anything to the pot. If for example there were a total of 4 players dealt in a hand (including yourself), then 25% of whatever rake the room took from that pot "belongs" to you.

How can I get in touch with you?
Simply e-mail us on .