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About Full Tilt Poker Rake Back

Full Tilt is one of the biggest names in the online poker industry. The room experienced a rapid increase in player volume after it kept its doors open to US citizens whilst other big name rooms stopped them from playing. The room is well marketed with many advertising schemes online and offline, which helps to attract large numbers of new and experienced poker players to the room on a regular basis. The sheer volume of players means that although Hold'em is still the most popular game, you will have no problems finding a healthy amount of competition in any of the other games on offer at the room.

The table graphics are fully customizable, as you are able to change the background, table design and avatars to be displayed. The avatars themselves may appear a little childish, but they do not prove to be an annoyance when you sit down and play. Even if you have a serious dislike for them it is possible to switch them off in the options menu when choosing a table design. The software is quick to load and connect, and there are rarely any problems whilst it is running.

Full Tilt also has some of the softest competition out of all the online poker rooms. This is mainly due to the number of players at the room, and also due to in part the way the room is marketed. Full-Tilt should be at the top of the list for any regular player looking to make the most money possible from online poker.