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Merge Gaming
Iron Duke Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
We are currently not offering Iron Duke rakeback. We do however offer rakeback at Carbon Poker, which is on the same poker network as Iron Duke.

About Iron Duke Rake Back
Iron Duke Poker opened its doors during the second half of 2007 and became the third room to join the Merge Gaming network, which currently consists of its two larger sister sites, Carbon Poker and Poker.com. Although IronDuke.com is far from a large poker brand, it deserves all the respect it can get as a serious poker room with great promotions and a not too shabby rakeback support.

The software of Iron Duke is based entirely on Flash, a well-known web application for streaming content and enhanced visuals. This is fortunately a good choice of platform, although we must stress that the hardware requirements are slightly higher than the average room. Having that in mind, Iron Duke comes with a superb lobby featuring all the functionality you can wish for. The table is not far behind and can be resized to fit any type of screen. Additionally, because of the Flash kit, the graphics will look good regardless of the table size.

All is not gold that glitters, however. The only real downside of Iron Duke is the lack of high stake players. This is obviously only a problem to those who are looking for competition at higher levels. The low to medium stake competition is usually loose with viewed flops well over 40%, even at stakes as high as $2/$4.