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About Martins Poker Rake Back
Martins Poker is part of the 24hNetwork, which was formerly known as the b2b network. The network is unique in that it offers tables that can only be played in the EUR currency, which may make things difficult for players that are not familiar with the currency. The room does not accept players from the US, so the majority of the room’s traffic will be from European countries where the Euro will be the currency for the countries that the room markets to. However, other important countries like Australia and the UK do not trade in the EUR, and so the room may be deterring some traffic by using this unfamiliar currency.

The presence of many European players means that Martins Poker offers a variety of games that other rooms do not offer as they would not be as popular for US players. An example of this is the game ‘Soko’ which is a variation on the 5-card draw game. Other games like Omaha and Stud are also quite popular with players on the network, which makes Martins Poker a great room if you are looking for action in games other than Hold’em.

The software graphics are also lack lustre and basic, which doesn’t help to create an involving online poker experience. There are no avatars available for players to select from or upload and very little offered in the way of features. The software however runs smoothly and should not cause problems as long as you keep a good Internet connection. The lobby however is easy to use and allows tables to be sorted by limits, number of players and other characteristics.