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1 & 15
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1000% up to €5000
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We are currently not offering Nordic Bookmakers rakeback.

About Nordic Bookmakers Rake Back

Despite the lack of word poker in its name, Nordic Bookmakers' primary objective is just that; mainly a poker site, but also a great sports betting and casino site. It is based on the Entraction network with thousands of simultaneously connected poker players from around the world.

Unlike most of the poker software out there, Nordic Bookmakers takes a simplistic approach to the poker lobby and table, perhaps at the expense of functionality. Nonetheless, it is one of the fastest-loading poker applications in the industry and requires very little power. The lack of cluttered graphics also make it very easy for any poker player to focus on multi-tabling.

Nordic Bookmakers and its network has taken the interesting approach of supporting a large number of poker games. Excluding the obvious ones, we also get to play Soko, 7 Stud, 5 Draw, 32 Draw, 2-7 3 Draw, Telesina and Americana. Sadly, most of the action is in Hold'em and Omaha and mostly from micro to medium stakes. The tables support stakes up to 200/400, but games typically top out at 25/50.