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About Poker Champs Rake Back
Poker Champs resides on the same network as BetFair, which is a well-established gaming community. The room hosts a decent amount of players, but nowhere near as many as some of the larger rooms in the industry. As expected, the vast amounts of connected players sit at the Hold’em tables, with a few spilling over into the Omaha section. The Stud games do not receive as much action at any time of the day. The level of competition is fairly standard in all games throughout the limits in each.

The software runs very smoothly, but the lobby is small and cluttered. This makes things more difficult when trying to choose the right table. The tables are also quite small, but they have a better design than the lobby, so it is easier to keep up with the action. The main problem with the software is that you have to decide whether you intend to multi-table before logging in. There are two modes; ‘standard’ and ‘plus’, with the ‘plus’ option allowing you to multi-table up to 15 tables at one time. If you enter the ‘standard’ mode and later decide that you wish to play at more than one table, you will have to log out and restart the software in ‘plus’ mode.

The room offers 24-hour support to its players, but this is only through the use of e-mail. There is no phone option or live chat, which can leave players a little concerned about whether or not the e-mail did actually get through to the poker room.