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The rakeback calculator estimates what your rakeback might be. Possible poker room fees are not deducted.


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Boss Media
1st the following month
Automatic to player account
Not Deducted
Not Deducted
Includes a 200% up to €1000 first deposit bonus
Poker Heaven Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
Please note that you can not get rakeback if you already have an account at Poker Heaven or if you download the Poker Heaven software from another link than the one provided by us below.

Delete your cookies (click here for instructions) and uninstall the Poker Heaven software if you have ever previously visited their website or downloaded their software to ensure that your rakeback gets tracked with us properly.

About Poker Heaven Rake Back

Poker Heaven is part of the Boss Media network, which means that it shares its player traffic and software with other rooms like Paradise Poker. As with the other rooms on the network, Poker Heaven plays host to a decent volume of players, but not an overly large amount when compared to other big names in the online poker industry. Most of the player traffic can be found at the Hold'em tables, but the other poker variations such as Omaha and Stud receive a decent amount of this traffic. The room also maintains a higher level of soft competition when compared to other rooms in the industry.

The software that the Boss Media network offers is simple yet effective. All of the standard features that you would expect from an online poker room are available, with a very good layout in both the lobby and the actual table. One of the smallest yet most useful features in the lobby is the presence of a current bankroll display. There is a box in the top right hand corner of the lobby that displays how much money you have in your account, which saves you from having to click back and forth from the cashier to check. The software on the whole runs very smoothly and there are usually no problems as long as you keep a good Internet connection.

Players can expect a high level of service from customer support and very speedy query response times due to the fact that Poker Heaven has a close affiliation with The Poker Channel.