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Merge Gaming
Poker Nordica Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
We are currently not offering Poker Nordica rakeback. We do however offer rakeback at Carbon Poker, which is on the same poker network as Poker Nordica.

About Poker Nordica Rake Back

Poker Nordica is a fairly small poker room although also one of the newest of all 'serious' establishments. It borrows the skin from the fairly popular Merge Gaming network, which has been around a few years prior to the launch of Poker Nordica. Despite its youth, PokerNordica.com does a great job attracting both regular players and rakeback players, partly because of the good software, but also because of the decent bonus offers.

Interestingly, Poker Nordica takes the modern approach of utilizing fully-Flash software. This allows for great flexibility and great-looking graphics regardless of the resolution. As an added bonus, you can resize the software to virtually any width and length, including the lobby. The lobby software is also intelligently designed and does all the filtering you need to spot a table of your needs. All is not gold that glitters, though. Given the high system requirements of Flash applications, you may notice some slow-downs if you're on a low-end machine.

Most of the players at Poker Nordica are looking for no limit play in cash games. Unfortunately, the site is too small to offer a wide variety of tournaments and high stake play, but any medium and low stake player will probably find plenty of action and enough fish in the sea to watch the bankroll grow.