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PokerShare Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
There is no rakeback on the Microgaming network, but you can register via Loyalty.net for their equivalent which is a generous loyalty program.

About PokerShare Rake Back
PokerShare used to be one of the most unique rooms on the market, by offering players shares of the poker room depending on how much they played, and so players would actually be able to own a piece of the company. This took place when the room was launched on the Excapsa network, of which UltimateBet was also a part. The room encountered some problems when players from UltimateBet were migrating from their room into the PokerShare room to take advantage of their unique offer. UltimateBet complained and soon enough, PokerShare was shut down in November 2005.

Since this dispute, PokerShare has reopened on the Microgaming network along with other rooms like Battlefield Poker and Crazy Poker. The room no longer offers players the opportunity to own a piece of the company through playing at the room, but instead offer the usual loyalty points and promotions that can be found at most other online rooms. The network receives a large volume of traffic, which allows it to compete with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The software is quite basic, but offers a valuable amount of features to the player. The mini-mode view is one of the most useful features available on the network, as it allows players to play on 4 different tables simultaneously without overlap. The mini-mode tables are well designed so that game play is fluent and that players are able to comfortably keep up with the action as it progresses. This makes PokerShare an ideal site for players that like to multi-table on a regular basis.