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About UB Poker Rake Back
UB Poker is part of the Cereus network, which has a strong user base in both Europe and the United States. By keeping its doors open to US residents, the room has been able to grow rapidly and also hosts some professional players that regularly play on the site. The competition is slightly weaker at UltimateBet than at other sites, so it is an attractive destination for those that want to make a little extra money from their time spent playing online poker.

The software is unique in the way that it displays the table action when you sit down. The camera angle is angled more toward the horizontal, which helps to get you more involved with the game because of the almost first-person perspective. The lobby is also very easy to use and displays key information on each of the tables. The only slight drawback with the software is that numerical values do not accompany the pot or bet sizes, which can make it a little more difficult when trying to keep up with the action in the hand.

The UB Poker company has developed a great customer service department to cater to the needs of its players. They also have a very good cashier that allows for fast and safe deposits and withdrawals no matter where you might reside. UltimateBet has always been one of the strongest rooms and should continue to stay that way in the future.