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We are currently not offering Vegas Poker 24/7 rakeback.

About Vegas Poker 24/7 Rake Back
Vegas Poker 24/7 is a skin on the Cereus Poker network. This means that it shares the same players and software, except with the table graphics and lobby being of a slightly different design. A great quality about Vegas Poker is that there is always action at all of the limits in each of the games, from the micro limits right up into some of the high stakes tables. The room offers all of the standard poker variations including some less popular games like Razz. The competition in general is slightly softer than the industry average.

The software is the same as the Absolute Poker room software, and so it runs very smoothly. The difference is that Vegas Poker has a different colour scheme, with a bright purple felt colour on the tables. This colour is a little hard on the eyes and can make play at the tables a little uncomfortable during long online sessions. In addition the table is a little cluttered, so it may be difficult to get to grips with the flow of the game if it is your first time playing at the site. It is recommended that you participate in the play money games to get the hang of the software before venturing out into the real money games.

The customer support offered at Vegas Poker is quite poor. The site promises to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours, which in this industry is slow considering that many of the larger rooms with higher volumes of players can respond to queries within an hour. The only way to get in contact with customer support is through e-mail, as they currently do not offer live chat or phone support.