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About Wingows Poker Rake Back
Wingows Poker is part of the digital gaming network along with other rooms such as AMCO Poker. The network suffers from a lack of player volume, which can cause problems if you are searching for action in games or limits that are not popular. However, the rooms caters mainly to low limit Texas Hold’em players as much of the action can be found at Hold’em tables under $100NL. Therefore this site would not be too bad if you have a small to medium sized bankroll to play with.

The software is also quite unimpressive. A lot of work needs to be done to make the room appear more attractive to the users, because in its current state it simply appears bland and boring. Another small problem is the fact that no limit and fixed limit tables are grouped together under the same sections, which makes things more difficult when trying to find the right table. However, the software does run smoothly and you should not experience any bugs or glitches whilst playing poker at one of the tables.

Wingows Poker does however have a good customer support service. The team will reply to e-mails very quickly and they also have a live chat feature built into the software, which will allow you to speak with an assistant in a matter of minutes. Queries are also answered very efficiently and should address any problems that you might have with the room.