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We are currently not offering World Poker Exchange rakeback.

About World Poker Exchange Rake Back
World Poker Exchange is run by the World Sports Exchange network, commonly known as WSEX, which is also one of the world's largest sports books. After the immense success of the sports section, the company started its own independent poker client, and therefore also a separated poker network. Consequently, only a few hundred players are connected simultaneusly. Therefore, we recommend any medium to high stake player to look elsewhere, regardless of the highly beneficiary rakeback deal.

Despite the underdog status, World Poker Exchange provides its users with a great poker experience mainly because of the software. We have a few issues about the lobby and the lack of powerful filters like so many other poker clients have, but the table looks great and incorporates any of the most important functions you can think of. It looks slightly different from the typical room and takes an hour or two of getting used to, but it's hardly a setback.

We recommend WSEX Poker to any low stake player who wishes to play Texas Hold'em games. The tournament traffic is far too low to be of satisfactory even for the casual player, and as already mentioned, medium to high stake games are too scarcely played. On the other hand, you get a great rakeback deal for the lower stakes and plenty of fishy competition that usually comes from sports betting enthusiasts looking for something else.