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The rakeback calculator estimates what your rakeback might be. Possible poker room fees are not deducted.


Simultaneous Tables

Hours per Day

Rakeback %

Around the 4th following month
Automatic to player account
Not Deducted
Includes a 100% up to $800 first deposit bonus
PKR Rakeback Sign-Up Instructions
Please note that you can not get rakeback if you already have an account at PKR or if you download the PKR software from another link than the one provided by us below.

Delete your cookies (click here for instructions) and uninstall the PKR software if you have ever previously visited their website or downloaded their software to ensure that your rakeback gets tracked with us properly.

About PKR Rake Back

PKR offers a unique playing experience with its involving 3D graphics. The room is one of the first of its kind and experienced a rapid growth in the short period after its launch due to widespread marketing campaigns. Lately, this room has seen its real money player count increase dramatically, including medium stake levels and even some high stakes.

There are very few rooms that offer such a high standard of graphics and game play like PKR, which makes them stand out above the rest. Previous versions of the software used to hog up a lot of computing power, but improvements have been made to decrease the need of a powerful computer. Nevertheless, a poker client in 3D will always require more power than a regular 2D table, but in our tests, even a five-year-old laptop did well with PKR - and so should yours.

There are many things that speak for a continuing growth of this poker room. PKR commercials on TV and in magazines obviously pave the way for more players, but we also like the commitment this team has shown to improve its software and raise the bar to another level of 3D poker. We have previously been critical of the low level of real money players, but as months have passed, our opinions have changed, too.